The Coordinating Centre for the BOLD project is located within the Respiratory Epidemiology & Public Health Group at the National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College London.

The centre may be contacted by emailing

Dr Jithoo, Dr Kato, Professor Burney, Ms Coton, Ms Azhar, Ms Gnatiuc

Peter Burney (Principal Investigator) is Professor of Respiratory Epidemiology & Public Health at the National Heart & Lung Institute, and Honorary Consultant Physician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. He is the Honorary Director of the Social Medicine & Health Services Research Unit supported by the Department of Health.

Hadia Azhar (Database Manager) has over five years of experience of design,management and Quality control of database systems and applications. She is now responsible for developing and implementing quality control processes ,data management procedures for monitoring data quality, and cleaning and processing data that will be received from various collaborating centres.

Sonia Coton (Medical Statistician) is a recent medical statistics MSc graduate. She is now involved with the statistical analysis of the BOLD data.

Louisa Gnatiuc (Study Co-ordinator) is a public health professional with work experience in Europe and Africa. She has co-ordinated large national and international epidemiological studies and is now responsible for the co-ordination of fieldwork, training in research methodology, general management of the project and is involved with analysis and publication of BOLD data.

Anamika Jithoo (Clinical Research Fellow) is a clinician researcher with an interest in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She has experience in both clinical and epidemiological respiratory research. She is now overseeing spirometry quality control and other aspects of the study and is involved with publication of BOLD data.

Bernet Kato (Research Associate) is a biostatistician with experience of statistics in biomedical research. He has also worked as a lecturer in statistics and mathematics. He is now overseeing the data management and statistical analysis of data from the project and is involved with preparing and writing papers for publication.

Jaymini H Patel (Medical Statistician) is a recent medical statistics MSc graduate from London School of Hygiene.Worked at QMUL for short period of time and now working here as a medical statistician.