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A Bayesian Approach to Improve estimates of Local Population Attributable Fraction

BAILPAF computes the Relative Risk (RR) and the Population Attributable Fraction (PAF) for cross-sectional data. In addition, it estimates the Population Attributable Risk (PAR) due to the exposure of interest.


BAILPAF can handle data collected from multiple centres, computing RR, PAF and PAR for each centre. These estimates are obtained using a fully Bayesian log-binomial model.

To download and install BAILPAF on your computer, please click on the following icon and then:


- Unzip the downloaded file to extract the executable (.exe) file;

- Double-click the .exe file to start the installation wizard;

- The software should be installed in a folder on which you have writing permissions (e.g. your documents folder), as the software writes some temporary files while it is running;

- If, for any reason, you want to install it again, please make sure to uninstall any of its previous installations.

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